Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today

Everyone knows the trouble with DIY, The process can take days or even weeks, alter the performance of the product, and possibly cause long-term damage to your home as well as yourself. Why not have our team of experienced installers fit your glass.

Once your product is ready and inspected for accuracy, a representative will contact you to set a convenient installation date. We can install your glass any time of the year.

What to expect during installation

With, our services are 1st Class, it’s more than just the product that delivers energy efficiency. Professional installation will ensure maximum performance. All of our installers adhere to the following installation quality guidelines:

Timing: Our installation teams will arrive on time.
Risk Assessment: Our installers will perform an initial risk assessment and methodology of the projects requirements.
Cooperation: Cooperate with you to determine the best starting point for the project.
Professionalism: Installers will place a canvas drop cloth around all work areas.
Specification: Install our glass and glazing products according to stringent factory specifications.
Site Clean-up: Carefully remove all debris from your home or premises and safely dispose of it.
Clean all work areas thoroughly.
Customer feedback: Upon completion seek your opinion to make sure you are completely happy with the product and the quality of the finish.

Glass can be dangerous if not handled correctly; if you are in doubt seek expert advice and assistance.

With you get it right the first time.

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Remodeling Your Bathroom

Remodeling your Bathroom Will Increase Your Home’s Value as well as to fix existing problems, – Frameless shower glass doors at will get it done.
The worth of your home is determined by quite a few things, your kitchen and bathroom being two of the biggest determining factors. It’s often been said that the most important rooms of the home are the kitchen and the bathroom. If your home has been remodeled in one of two or both of these areas, you definitely should look forward to having a much more profitable sale when selling your home.

Whether you have a simple room or a master en suite, functionality should be at the heart of your bathroom remodel. At, our frameless Shower Doors will help you achieve the clean look that will make your home look that much more valuable. Perception is everything. Something as simple as changing your regular shower doors that have been installed since the beginning of the time your home was built into frameless neo angle shower doors which will make all the difference in the world to whoever is viewing your home.

One of the major and primary reasons that bathroom remodeling is on the increase is the value it adds to your home.

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Know the right glass for your shower cubicle

The benefits and advantages of shower cubicle or shower doors are beyond the outward appearance or beauty. They contribute awesomely to the overall look and feel of the bathroom as they also have effect on the function.

Shower cubicle at can come framed or frameless, either which gives a finished look to your bathroom. In today’s innovative world, there are various choices than ever before at to consider before selecting the right shower cubicle in relations to sizes, colours, glass options and details to match any style and décor.

The types of glass door that can be used for different shower enclosures vary, but whichever glass type you choose for your shower cubicle, you can expect the same high quality when you buy from anywhere within Lagos or Nigeria.

Before considering having a shower cubicle you might also have to consider some factors such as budget, maintenance preferences and future plans.

Here are other key points to consider before choosing the type of glass for your shower cubicle:

  • Thickness: 8mm or 10mm tempered glass is highly durable, long-lasting, safe and also easy to clean making either a perfect choice.
  • Safety: Toughened safety glass is always a good choice for a wet room or shower enclosure.
  • Weight: It’s worth remembering that thicker glass will need more support due to the extra weight.
  • Design: Depending on the shape, the larger the glass or the more curved it is, the less thickness can be achieved due to design.
  • Cost: If cost is a concern, or you do not like the look of thicker glass, then 4mm or 6mm glass are great alternatives for the shower glass.
  • Edge protection: glass which does not have a protective framing can get chipped and broken. A shower enclosure with strong aluminium framing will support the glass in the shower doors and keep it well protected.

At we ensure products are at the highest quality, so you can be sure that whatever glass you choose for your shower enclosure will meet the highest possible safety standards and quality.

Visit our social media handles as well as images link for various types of shower enclosure that you can choose from depending on your tastes and the size of the space that you have. When considering shower enclosures it’s also important to take the type of glass you want to choose into account. At we don’t sell flimsy or unsafe products so you’ll only find glass designed to be durable and long lasting. Once you’ve decided where your shower enclosure will go tile the inside walls in preparation for your shower being fitted.


If you are in doubt over your shower cubicle or you have some technical issues, do not hesitate to contact us at because we are here to serve you better.

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Choosing glass for your home or office (Part 1)

When choosing a glass either for your home or office, there are numbers of factors to consider. This is because glass plays a vital role in the outlook, safety and beauty of your home or office. We advise not to dive into the market to buy a glass or rely on your glazier for the glass to use. The size, shape, style and colour of the glass used will generally affect the outlook and performance of the design construction.

People are commonly employed using laminated glass for their different needs as per to provide safety requirements in living areas. This glass(laminated) is a type of sheltering glass that grabs its pieces collectively if it has been smashed. The glass is designed by using a combination of certain inter-layers which becomes durable to use in our different routine lives. Therefore, people can install laminated glass by getting to choose from a variety of glasses for their homes or offices. This will certainly make their living environment safer and protected.
Laminated glass offers both safety and beauty for the home and office. A top quality laminated glass is preferably installed or used when there are a number of high possibilities of physical collision in the home or office.
Be smart, know when, where and how to use your glass.

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Specifying Interior Glass

There are a number of areas to think about when specifying glass.

Glass provides a low maintenance, hardwearing, value for money solution as an interior surface material,offering a wealth of options – from partitioning to cladding, it can be used to make a statement or provide a neutral backdrop.

To aid you in specifying glass we have put together a simple guide which we hope will provide you with some key initial questions and areas to think about:


What is the product being used for? A glass splash back that goes behind a hob will vary from glass required for a shower screen in thickness and finish – the site of the glass and it’s weight are key to making sure that the product adheres or has the correct fixtures and fittings to support it. Cladding applications are generally 4mm and 6mm glass, whereas partitions are 8mm upwards, breakfast bars and work surfaces are thicker still.

What environment is the product being used in? If the environment is a changing room, the products we recommend and how they are fitted will vary from those in an office environment. If you use ceramic painted glass in a wet room environment, the seals and joints required will differ from a water-based back painted glass.

What size panels are possible? Panels are limited not just to the size of the glass sheet they are cut from, they are also limited by access and cut outs. If the glass is going into a plot in a residential block, the hoist, lift or stairwell can affect the size of the panel, and the number and size of cut outs should be no more than one third of the overall size of the glass.

Where will the panels join? The joint positions are important when it comes to things like returns and worktop joint continuation. This is especially important when artwork is involved as manufacturing tolerances need to be taken into account. Thinking about this in advance means that panel sizes can be defined early on.

What size panels are possible? Panels are limited not just to the size of the glass sheet they are cut from, they are also limited by access and cut outs. If the glass is going into a plot in a residential block, the hoist, lift or stairwell can affect the size of the panel, and the number and size of cut outs should be no more than one third of the overall size of the glass.

Where will the panels join? The joint positions are important when it comes to things like returns and worktop joint continuation. This is especially important when artwork is involved as manufacturing tolerances need to be taken into account. Thinking about this in advance means that panel sizes can be defined early on.


What aftercare will the glass require? Is it in a high traffic area and will it require daily cleaning??In general glass requires very little in the way of maintenance, a surface clean will normally suffice and the procedures and recommended products are simple and easy to come by. It’s products which have surface designs to the face of the glass or are laminated where extra cleaning or precautions may be required.

A satin / acid or sandblasted finished glass will show grease and finger-marks and will require more cleaning, making them a more labour intensive option for aftercare than other products. A coating can be applied to glass to help repel grease and dust and to facilitate easier cleaning. A laminate used in a hospitality environment needs to ensure that any edges which are exposed are not subject to chemical cleaners which may cause the interlayer to delaminate.


What happens when glass breaks?
Glass in its basic form is a brittle, fragile substance – for interior use it should be toughened, laminated or safety backed wherever possible for strength, integrity and safety. Our NOGC Range has been created to cater to the needs of today?s interior applications, as well as standards for strength and flexibility.

Tips on using Mirrors:

. Put you mirror on the wall above the dining room table to reflect the light of your chandelier

. If you have a piece of art that you are really proud of, by placing a mirror on the wall opposite of it you double your ability to view it

. Make sure that the mirror is in a place to reflect something that you want to look at. Don?t just put it anywhere.

. Don?t place mirrors on ceilings. Back in the 1970?s it may have been the cool thing to do, and now we have moved gracefully on.

. Mirrored furniture in a small space helps create the optical illusion of it not existing. Since it reflects the opposite wall, it creates the illusion of the piece of furniture not existingWhether you are planning to hang the mirror?in a bathroom, hall way or even using it to create part of a display.

Whether you are planning to hang the mirror in a bathroom, hall way or even using it to create part of a display.

We create frameless mirrors at 4mm & 6mm of thickness and also use standard edgework options such as bevel or pencil edge.

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Protection & Durability of Architectural Glass

Since laminated glass came into service, people across the world are using this high quality glass in various construction purposes. It is one of the great safety purpose glasses that have been utilized in almost every constructional project. When safety is a concern, this hard and safe glass is there to provide you protection and durability.

There are several architectural, commercial and residential constructions where this safer and secure glass is exhibiting its services. Most of the projects are already experiencing the high quality services and benefits of the
laminated glass. This glass is discovered to show limitless benefits against various conditions. People use this glass in their various projects to get safe services for acoustical, safety, and security.

Even, this laminated glass has a prominent value against hurricane, explosive blasts, and bullet shots etc. Some people simply use this glass for their different types of decorative needs and applications. People find the characteristic of this glass to be so effective that they have a perfect choice to use it for the installation at skylights, elevator enclosures, or any other types of installations where human injury is a concern.

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Durable & Secure Building Material of Modern Construction!

The glass is the most common object used in our routine life. We are using different types of glass materials in
various furniture, showcases, cupboards, cabinets, tables, and counter-tops, etc. All such products are manufactured by using different types of glasses. These are the common usage glass material that is not reliable or durable in many cases.

But, some areas and locations really require safety and protection where such glasses are used or employed. These glasses are not reliable for people or especially where children and old ones are around. So, there are some special types of glass materials like Laminated Glass that is quite protective and cause less or no damage to the surroundings or are somehow manageable if the glass is broken suddenly. Such glass is quite durable in
performance and secures as well for the people like old, young and especially children.

If you are looking to have secure environment around your home and surroundings, then you can employ any of the category belonging to the laminated glass that can be easily available from your nearest laminated glass supplier. You can use such glass for your safety purposes in your home doors, windows, tables, or any other necessary stuff made in glass.

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Best Scratch Resistant Glass from Highly Pointed Sharp Objects!

Today most of the technological products are designed with touch screen and providing high excellence in use. The touch screen is found to be quite necessary as the sensors of the touch provides smart and effective processing of commands given to operate the systems.

The touch screen is manufactured by using high class Tempered glass that is resourceful and well organized to use by giving slight touch commands to process the operations on different gadgets like mobiles, tabs, laptops, ATM machines and different systems. The tempered glass is found to be the best scratch resistant glass from even highly pointed sharp objects.

The China tempered glass is also well known as safe and preventive glass. It is quite valuable even to absorb the shocks and protects display screen if the gadget is dropped accidently. But, if any gadget falls severely, the protective layer of the glass will just shatter into small pieces but in spite of the severe fall, the display will remain intact. That?s the main advantage why the manufacturers use this safety glass for the production of touch screens that are installed or set on different display screens.

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Unlimited Artistic Option for Building Glass

Glass is one of the highly used building materials that has become great popular house and building construction. Glass is a unique construction material that has been used frequently in various projects. A wide range of glass products are being designed to fulfill the needs of installation of such glasses.

Today, people are using the great services of building construction glass with unlimited artistic options where
different specifications of glasses are exhibiting outstanding performances. However, people do not need any special considerations or need any precise glass products especially during the assortment and requirement process.

The normal and highly durable glass products surely provide an impression where they are being installed and effectively show their presence after the building construction. Special features of safety glasses are required in different building projects so that the durability of the glass provide more security than the normal glass does. Tempered glass is one of the important considerations for the project owners to incorporate such durable glass in their great projects. The safety glazing materials, such as in tempered glass is precise and is frequently installed in various housing, buildings, apartments, and malls etc.

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The Value Of Using Safety Glass in Building Construction

When you are about to have window or door installation, you should be certainly conscious that you need to know the value of using Toughened safety glass also known as Tempered safety glass . Tempered glass is mostly used in such spaces where security and safety is highly required.

No doubt, safety comes from strength and has a sole breakage patterns that provide durability and existence in its place. Such glass is found effective to use in numerous applications for the reason that they provide its durable safety characteristics at large extent. The tempered glass manufacturer provides safety features in such a way that the strength of the glass effectively resists and provides safety precautions in countless applications.

Tempered glass holds great many basic optical excellence and features of annealed glass. That?s why most of the people are using this glass in various constructional needs. It is also that the encouraging stressed conditions occasionally create a slight bowed condition in the tempered glass lights. The glass has been created in different attractive shapes and designs to provide impressiveness so that where the glass is installed provides elegance and beauty.

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