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Bullet resistant Glass



Bullet Resistant Glass is made through a process of laminating multiple layers of float glass, polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and polymer under heat and pressure. The resultant multi-layer product prevents penetration by absorbing and spreading the bullet impact force.


Typical applications include banks, currency exchanges, police stations, embassies, military installations, prisons, detention centers, government offices, schools and VIP



When selecting bullet resistant glass, there are several important criteria that must be reviewed.

These are:


  • What is being protected?
  • Threat expertise?
  • Potentialweaponry?
  • Rear face splinter protection (spall)?


After making a balanced and judgment the specifier can review the tables in this brochure to help decide the ideal glass classification.


CAN’T SHOOT by has been tested to internationally recognized Standards at an accredited and independent test laboratory in NIGERIA.


NFOGC produces a range of CAN’T-SHOOT Bullet-Resistant glasses to meet the requirements of:BS EN 1063 & BS 5051 Standards.


NOTE:  To read more about our bullet resistant glass, please download the brochure below.