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Painted & Toughened Glass Splashbacks

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An easy way of creating a unique and eye catching feature in any room is to panel the walls with Glass Splashbacks made from painted low iron glass.




We manufacture our Glass Splashbacks from 6mm Thick premium quality Glass, which once machined, goes through a Toughening process to give the glass high temperature & impact resistance. Finally the glass is then given a solid paint coat on its rear face to create a rich coloured wall panel, without showing anything behind the glass.


Glass Splashbacks are perfect for use behind Hobs & Sinks as they are easily wiped clean and keep their appearance from new.


We prefer to install our Splashbacks using Adhesive to give a clean installed appearance, but can instead drill the glass and fix with screws should this be requested during ordering.


We manufacture our Glass Splashbacks from glass stock measuring 3.2 metres x 2.2 metres, allowing us to produce full length runs, eliminating the need for unsightly joins around the kitchen walls.


Our Glass Splashbacks are tailored made to fit your Kitchen




We offer a complete Templating and Fitting service which consists of a visit from one of our Fitters to take all of the required measurements, enabling us to manufacture the Splashbacks to get the perfect fit allowing for any sockets, switches or wall units. Once we have produced these panels, our Fitters will return with the glass for installation. We work to a 10 Working Day lead time.


Walls do not need to be perfectly flat for our glass to cover them, making a quick solution to improving your kitchen.


Online Ordering Available


Order sizes up to 3200mm x 1100mm from our Online Shop, delivered to your door.


To view our full Colour Range please send an email to  for more information.


We have a wide standard colour range giving you flexibility when designing your kitchen, while also providing you with the lowest price possible.


To view or Order colours from our standard range please use our Standard Colour Browser.


Available in any Colour

We offer a Colour Matching service at an addtional charge. Please be aware that Coloured Glass is very sensitive to lighting, for example, vertically positioning glass under wall units will appear differently to horizontally positioning the same coloured glass as a worktop


We produce our painted glass products using Pilkingtons Low-Iron (Opti-White) so that the colour will remain pure and unaffected by the traditional green glass tint.


Features of our Splashbacks

  • Toughened to British Standards
  • Smooth Polished Edges
  • Heat Resistant
  • Large Colour Selection
  • Colour Matching Avaliable
  • Maximum Dimensions – 3200mm x 2240mm
  • Machined Cutouts and Notches to allow for Sockets, Wall Units, Etc


Safe for your Kitchen

Kitchen applications such as hobs and cookers can pose problems for poor quality splashbacks, causing them to degrade and sometimes even break. This is not a problem when having our splashbacks installed as they are made from the highest quality Low Iron glass before undergoing a toughening process, giving the panels strength and heat resistance far beyond the requirements of kitchen use, guaranteeing you safety and extended lifetime.













What Are the Benefits?

  • Easy to clean and requiring no specialist cleaning products, your bathroom splashback is straightforward to maintain.
  • Made from toughened glass, our bathroom splashbacks are heat and impact resistant to the same level as safety glass. This means that you don’t have to worry about damaging your stunning home addition as you go about your day to day life.


As all of our bathroom splashbacks are hand cut here in Nigeria, we can fully customise your splashback to suit your needs.


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