Glass Fact: History of Glass (Part 2)

Glass is an inorganic material usually clear or translucent with different colors. It is hard, brittle, and stands up to the effects of winds, rain o sun.

Glass has been used for various kinds of utensils, mirrors, windows and more. It is thought to have been first created around 3000 BC, during the bronze age. Egyptian glass beads date back to about 2500 BC.
During the Ptolemiac period, artisans created “ mosaic glass” in which slides of colored glass were used to create decorative in patters.

In the 1st century BC, the glassmakers in Syria invented glassblowing and in the same period, in Venice, the first clear glass called cristallo was invented and then heavily exported. In 1625, glassmaker, George Ravenscroft invented lead crystal glass adding lead oxide to Venetian glass.
It was until 1902, that Irving W Colburn patented the sheet glass drawing machine, making the mass production of glass for windows possible.

In 1904, a patented for a “glass-shaping machine” was granted to Michael Owen. The immense production of bottles, jars, and others containers owes its inception to this invention.

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