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Fire Resistant or Fire Rated glass stops or limits the flames, smoke and heat from a fire for a specific period of time depending on the type of glass used and how it is installed. Safety glass is usually Toughened or Laminated Glass that is harder to break and does not shatter in the same way as ordinary glass; either due to the specific processing the glass has undertaken in manufacturing (toughened) or the bonded interlayer within the glass itself (laminated). Safety glass does not, of itself, have any fire resistance. Safety glass is used to protect against injury on impact. It is suitable for locations with a high risk of accidental damage or where there is an increased risk of vandalism.
Fire rated glass is specialist glass that has been proven to provide protection against fire – the degree of protection offered will depend on the type of glass but generally the glass acts as a barrier to help prevent the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire (integrity). Certain types of fire rated glass will also provide a degree of protection against the heat of a fire (insulation). Once tested, glass is given an official fire protection rating. The degree of protection offered is given in time periods, ranging upwards of 30 minutes.
Since all of our glass is custom made to order, we need you to be able to provide the specifications for your piece(s) as exactly as possible in order to quote. For most orders, the minimum information required is: Quantity, Glass Dimensions (width x height), Type of Material, glass thickness and tint, and edgework required (if any). We also need to know your address in order to calculate shipping costs.
Don’t worry! We can cut to almost any shape. In many cases, we can follow a written description that you have added on our contact form in the comments section. If there are special changes or hard-to-describe dimensions, feel free to submit a preliminary drawing for approval by email to or by phone too. Of course, for best results we may recommend that you provide a paper template; there is no substitute for an exact pattern. Please make a tracing of your glass on a large piece of butcher paper/cardboard/grocery sack/etc. and mail it to us at: Nigeria Online Glass Company Attn: Please include your name and contact information on or with the pattern and one of our customer service reps will contact you once the pattern is received to confirm your order.
If your glass was damaged in shipment or didn't arrive as ordered, we will gladly replace the piece. Due to the custom nature of our business, we cannot accept returns on glass that was received in good condition and as specified on your order form.
Due to the custom nature of our business and to ensure that orders are shipped on time, once your order is submitted and approved we begin working on it immediately. For this reason, most orders cannot be canceled once submitted. If any changes are necessary, please contact our office immediately. In most cases, changes cannot be made once an order has been submitted but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Glass is insured to arrive safely to your door. Once it is received and signed for, we are not responsible for any damage. Please keep in mind that all of our products are very fragile in nature and should be handled with care. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by everyday use or by accidents beyond your control.
It is simple to measure a radius by using our radius measurement tool. Download the tool by clicking here. Print the tool. When printing please make sure page scaling is set to none. To verify you have printed the tool to the correct scale measure the 20mm Scale Line at the bottom of the page. It should measure out to exactly 20mm. If it does not measure correctly please check your printer settings. The correct radius will fill the entire curved area on the template.
"Venetian Stripe Silvered" deceives the eye by reflecting light from the bands of silvered glass, but is obviously not a secret viewing mirror.
Yes, 6.4mm Laminated One Way. The glass has a grey body tint with a reflective surface coating. The glass is installed with the surface coating facing the observed area.
Again, we have tables and can advise you.
We have tables to help determine the thickness. If the edge is exposed or tiled up to, the edge should be polished. A mirror will normally hang on the screws put in first, so 4 or 6 holes in the right position with the correct fixings, will be sufficient.
An EVA or resin multi laminate where one of the glasses used is a toughened one which after laminating, is broken and gives a "crazed" appearance. At the time of inquiry we need to know if the piece is four edge glazed, clear, or tinted, and any processing that may be necessary.
We use EVA films for the bespoke laminations we undertake (floor panels, barriers and the like).
We have data for the appropriate thickness up to 1m². Submit the UDL in kN/m² and Point Load in kN and advise if a domestic floor, dance floor, corridor, or stair tread, for our recommendations.
Your Architect, Specifier or Building Control will specify the Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) in kN/m² and/or the Point Load in kN. On receipt the type of building, eg domestic or commercial and the loadings, we can make a recommendation as to the type of glass to be used.
Yes, normally in toughened glass to increase the strength of the finished piece so there are rules as to how close to the edge or corner they can be, submit a dimensioned drawing for approval.
Stencils can be cut from your drawing, after being entered into our graphics computer, a copy will need approving before being put in hand or from your computer generated file.
Yes. We have CNC machines for glass cutting and processing.
Shapes can be beveled and polished. Internal radii must exceed the minimum radius for the type of machine the glass is being worked on. Submit details of the shape required.
The types of glass listed are the only types of glass that we keep in stock and that are available to ship right away. If you have a specific type of glass you need for a project (i.e. special tints, thickness, or patterns), please contact our office. We may be able to special order glass to meet your needs. Please keep in mind that special orders may take up to 2 weeks to be completed and that prices will vary depending on your requests.
Be sure to check out the following pages for general information on the types of glass available. If you are still unsure of which type of glass you need, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for help. Our customer service representatives are well trained to help you pinpoint the best glass for your application.
Virtually any diameter of hole can be drilled or cut. The internal finish to a hole is generally a smooth one. In toughened glass there are limitations as to how close to the edge the holes can be positioned.
. Arrissed Edge - The sharp edges are machined, not a finished edge, suitable for glazing or handling purposes or to reduce the risk of thermal fracture in annealed glass. . Smoothed Edge - The edge of the glass is machined flat and the edges arrissed but not polished. . . Polished Edge - The edge of the glass is machined flat, the edges arrissed and the edge is polished. To get a smooth and transparent polished edge on the glass after the grinding and shaping. 3 to 30 mm glass can be polished as follows:

Polished trapezium (Chamfer)


Polished rounded and half rounded


Polished Wave (Ogee)


Bevel - The face surface of the glass is ground way and polished to various widths and thickness at the edge. Unless the thickness at the edge is specified, it will be to our normal setting.


For 3 mm thick glass - up to 15 mm

For 4 mm thick glass - up to 20 mm

For 5 mm plus thick glass - up to 25 mm

Beveling is possible between 3 and 45 degrees and can be done on both sides of the glass. Minimum work piece dimensions is 35 x 35 mm. Facet on curved pieces possible max 17mm, on square pieces up to 25mm.

Laminated glass is mostly used for safety / security applications as a result of building codes that require higher levels of protection against breakage compared to standard glass e.g. shop fronts.
Yes, we just require you to take a few measurements for us first then request a free quote online. You can either insert measurements online, via email, over the phone or pop into our showroom and we’ll provide you with a written quotation depending on your requirements.
Once toughened, the glass cannot be cut. We can cut regular float glass before it is toughened, but after this it is not possible to cut it to size.
Yes, we offer normal float glass as well as toughened, polished and bespoke shaped glass. We would need to have a discussion with you first about your needs and the base of the table, so we can advise you on the best glass to use.
If you have accepted our quote and are happy to go ahead, we will come and take exact measurements to allow for a precise fit. However, if we are not fitting your product, we don’t tend to come out to measure up.
Yes, we offer a delivery and fitting service. Please see our map for further details on the areas we deliver to. Please note: a delivery driver is different to a glazier, so please let us know if you require fitting services from us when ordering, therefore we can send the appropriate people out to you.
Commercial Glass Doors need to be either 10mm or 12mm thick and toughened.
Laminated glass is a form of Safety Glass that is manufactured by sandwiching a layer of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) between two pieces of glass.
Health and safety restrictions increasingly require glass to be toughened according to its size and use. We will advise you when this is necessary.
Glass that has been heated to softening point then rapidly cooled. Toughened glass is five times stronger than float glass and offers the highest resistance to impact. It is ideal for application in doors etc. If broken, the whole pane of glass shatters into small pieces that are relatively safe.
"Safety glass" is a term given to specific types of glass that when broken will break in such a way as to minimize potential injury to people. This is in contrast to standard "plate glass" which can be dangerous due to the large sharp spear-like pieces that are created when broken.
Yes we can supply toughened mirrors.
Yes, we cut all kinds of glass to your exact specifications. Intricate tabletops or mirrors are machine cut in our factory.