Clear Toughened/Tempered Glass

Toughened or tempered glass is a type of glass that has been heated to softening point then rapidly cooled. Toughened glass can be four to five times stronger than float glass and it offers the highest resistance to impact. Toughened glass is treated to be far more resistant to breakage than simple annealed glass (i.e normal glass) and to break in a more predictable way when it does eventually breaks, thus providing a major safety advantage in almost all of its applications. It is ideal for application in doors, buildings, car windshields, windows, glass portions of building facades, glass sliding doors and partitions in houses and offices, glass furniture such as table tops, and many other products typically use toughened glass. If broken, the whole pane of glass shatters into small pieces that are relatively safe.

Toughened glass has different properties and this can be broken down into mechanical, has higher thermal strength, fragmentation and other properties.


Thermal Shock Resistance: withstand high temperature changes up to 250°C
Mechanical Strength: four to five times stronger
Tensile Strength: 65MPa
Conducive for Processing: Cannot be cut after Tempering
furnace heat point (annealing point): above its annealing point of 600 °C
Bending Strength: 120-200 N/mm2
Fragmentation: Tempered glass cannot be cut or altered.

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